Are financial advisors prepared for the ongoing digital transformation?

Wealth management companies and independent financial advisors continue to lag behind most other industries when it comes to embracing digital. The 2019 Digital Business Global Executive Study and Research Project indicates that the industry is still struggling to embrace its digital transformation. 90% of those surveyed strongly agreed that digital technologies are disrupting the industry but only 46% of respondents believed that their firms are adequately preparing for that disruption. At only a 2% increase on the year before, this suggests too little is being done to bring them up to speed despite awareness of the need.


Your professional website is your digital business card and should ideally offer exclusive content and be found in search engines.


Social media is a great way to get leads, retain your existing clients, and strengthen your brand with your target audience.


Email is the preferred communication channel for financial services clients. With a regular newsletter, you can share information with your target group.

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Christopher Sawo - Digital Marketing
Christopher Sawo - Digital Marketing

Christopher Sawo

Christopher Sawo

Digital Marketing Professional with over 5 years of experience within the asset management industry. Proven track record in developing and executing marketing strategies for active funds and ETFs to target institutional clients, advisors and end-investors.

In-depth expertise in social media marketing, web client experience, SEO, SEA, email marketing and digital performance marketing campaigns, both from a strategic and operational standpoint. Hands-on success with brand awareness, lead generation and fund promotion campaigns.

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